Through my 15+ years at higher education institutions in Canada and Germany I have focused on research topics that intersect art, material culture, anthropology and beliefs—particularly within a contemporary Buddhist context.
My academic study of communities and art has in recent years led me deeper into community development in spaces that bridge art and technology, particularly in web3.
Here are a few examples of recent public discussions.



Berlinverse “Intersections of NFTs and Fine art”
NBX “NFT Culture, Art and Anthropology”
Berlin University Alliance “Perspectives and challenges at the intersection of art3, art and community”
NFT Berlin Conference “Creating and Understanding Culture in Web3”
DAO Researcher “Understanding the Relationship Between Women and Stem/Web3 through Anthropological Approaches”
Crypto Girls Club web3 inspire night “Web3, Anthropology and Community Building”
KAPiTAL “From the Physical to Digital and Beyond”



Humboldt Institut für Internet und Gesellschaft “Digitaler Salon: Blinded by the Hype?”
We Are Dreamxrs “Artists in the Metaverse”
Berlinverse “Where’s the metaverse headed next?”
Next Block Expo “Empowering artists through web3”
Kunst Leben, Bermel Von Luxburg Gallery “Chancen für den Kunstmarkt durch NFTsDemokratisierung, Marketing, Zielgruppen”
Shechain, Soho House Berlin
“The Inclusive Culture Of Web3: An Investor And Entrepreneur’s Perspective”
VR Business Club and Humboldt Forum “Das Metaverse, Digitale Kunstwerke und der Hype um NFTs“
Borderless Conference “Where are we heading with the Metaverse?”
W3B Lab Berlin “How to run your business – from 0 to 100 in the Metaverse”
NFTs beyond the buzz “Community Management”