“Rebekka is a multifaceted fine artist who has been shaped by a unique combination of formal artistic education and the intricate study of Buddhist culture. In her work she blurs the line between rationality and spirituality by drawing a brilliant connection between nature and the very essence of the human mind. Following contemplative art practices she incorporates meditative dotwork and stippling into her extraordinary ink works that captivate the viewer and intelligently draw attention to motives of a world transcended from the realm of reality. Ultimately, one is left with a deep sensation of benevolence.”

Dr. Revel started her art training at a young age and received a scholarship to begin her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of British Columbia (Okanagan) in 2005. In 2008 she relocated to Germany after being selected for the GoGlobal exchange program, and then in 2010 graduated with honors with her thesis that explored contemplative art practices in various traditions.

Rebekka’s PhD thesis focused on the art and material culture within a Thai Buddhist community, and she successfully submitted and defended her thesis in 2020 with magna cum laude. She has received various scholarships and grants, allowing her to partake in international research stays and workshops, and has given presentations at various major international conferences.

Currently she divides her time between creating art and community development/consultation in the web3 ecosystem. Rebekka is also a trained tattoo artist and lives in Berlin with her Alaskan nurse husband and many plants.